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Posture Correction Specialist

For those dealing with discomfort because of poor posture, relief can be found through the expert care at Live Well Chiropractic of WNY. Here,
Dr. Christian Stack helps patients, in and around Amherst, Buffalo and Williamsville, NY, through posture correction and manual manipulation.


Posture Correction Q & A


spine icon What is posture?

Posture is traditionally defined as the way in which each part of an individual’s body is positioned in relation to the rest. The load-bearing joints in the body are the chief areas of concern and include the:

  • Spine
  • Pelvis
  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Ankles

Good posture is the goal, and this is achieved when there is balance between opposing groups of muscles. This includes the back and front muscles of the body, as well as between the left and right sides of the body. Good posture occurs no matter the position the body is currently situated in such as sitting down, standing, lying down, squatting, etc. When opposing muscle groups are balanced in both the length and tension, the body performs at its best and the joints stay in their proper alignment, both vertically and horizontally.

spine icon What happens when a person’s posture is suffering?

Poor posture and posture issues develop when an imbalance occurs in between the tension and length relationship of the opposing groups of muscles. This is also known as postural misalignment. This can cause the load bearing joints and the pelvis to be shifted, often painfully, from their correct orientation. Several negative side effects can occur because of misalignment, including ankle, neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain. It can also impact the organs and the pressure around the nerves. When an imbalance is present, the muscles meant to carry weight can lose their strength because they aren’t being used the way they are meant to. Additionally, the opposite muscles become overly strong. This wrenches the body out of alignment. Typical postural problems include hip or shoulder elevation, which causes one part to sit higher than the other, rotation of hip or trunk, which causes part of the body to move in front of the other, bow legs and knock-knees.


spine icon How can the chiropractor help?

The chiropractor will assess the person’s posture and inquire about symptoms. The person’s posture is then compared to a model of ideal alignment. Each patient’s posture and physical mobility will be evaluated, and links to any pain will be studied. Using this information, a personalized exercise and manual manipulation program is created to fix the person’s posture.

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